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Scrap your car instantly with us, we provide you best competitive quote all across the UK. No need to worry about the junk car you have, tell us and get a competitive quote instantly.

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Scrap your car instantly with us, we provide you best competitive quote in all across the UK.

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Scrap my Car

When you consider your car is about to die you plan to sell it, also it is not possible to sell the car on any classified website, or any online car selling store. Does your car become a white elephant for you? It is more worth to repair your car and you feel your car becomes almost a junk. Is this is the story of your car? Then it is the right time to scrap your car.

There is a specific limit when the car needs to be scrap. Ideally, when the car reaches the age of 15 years and it covers mileage of 120,000 miles it is considered as a degraded car. Even when it is getting older and older it became more useless for us. There is another case when your car faces any accident, and becomes useless it is also a thinking point for you to consider, it is the best option to repair it or grab money to scrap it with Scrap My Car.

The scraping process can be confusing because of many options, but we make it very easy for you. At, Scrap My Car we provide a Junk team that is well-knitted and always ready to serve you. You only need to contact us our Junk team reach to you and get your car from your home free of cost and give you a competitively most desirable quote.

Scrap My Car

GET Instant Quote Now!

Compare the offer to scrap your car instantly from us. Get the quote now!

Reasons People Scraping their Cars

There are many reasons people consider to scrap their vehicles includes:

This is not limited to only these negative ideas but there is a positive side of the scene is also for you such as:

Scrap My Car

What happens to my car when scrapped?

We have a great team named Junk team they collect the car from you. Our junk team provide free of cost service to collect your vehicle from your home. After this, we decide one of the two options; either to repair the car through the recycling process or sell your car to the auction.

Once it is decided that your car is going to scrap. Then we decide the average selling price of your car according to the material of the car. This process depends on the condition of the car and the price of the material at the time of selling your car. This is the process that makes efficiency and competitive price for you.

All the scrap cars we buy are handover to our robust dismantling facility. Where the dead or old age car is processed. These are the professionals that make a complete process of the dismantling step by step. 

These steps of dismantling are: 

At that time we have hundreds of recycled components of the vehicle that we build through the recycling of the car. Each recycled part is properly tested and checked by our professional. We provide a great alternative to our customers for repairing their vehicle or to do scrap.

At last, we showcase the recycled part of the vehicle to our online store, our best professional keep track of these recycled components. Sell these components after proper quality testing to the buyers. 

Why Choose Us

We are the most expanding scrap network across the UK. Providing the value for money that make us most suitable place to sell your junk vehicle.

Value of Money

Get a price beat quote from us as your vehicle is your worth.

Expert Engineers

Top-notch tools and technology to provide the best experience.

Payment Protection

Customer’s protection is our priority we provide the secure payment mode.

Free Collection

No Hassle, we collect your vehicle from your home free of cost.

Easy Process

Easy to follow the process get quote under 60 seconds from online tool.

Best Fuel Economy

Great way to save your money instead of wasting money on the junk car.

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Scarp My Car for Cash

Scrap any car for cash

If you need instant money for the scrap car, Scrap My Car can be the best option. Once you get to know about us, we reach to you get your vehicle from your home and provide you with the best competitive quote. Our well-knitted Junk team is available for you to get the vehicle from you and give you instant money.

There are many options available to scrap your car, it became tedious to decide to go with the best one. Are you stuck to search online, or not satisfied with the local market price? So finding the right route is not easy.That’s why Scrap My Car is the best option to scrap your car. 

In many cases of local scrapyards, we didn’t find the desire price because of the there is no vast range of buyers available at that place. But Scrap My Car spread all across the UK.We provide the best competitive quote for you from our diversified buyers all of the UK.

With Scrap My Car, you can get a competitive quote as compared to the online market within the second. With the help of the Junk team, it is very easy to sell online. Our Junk team will contact you and pick the vehicle from your destination free of cost. Our scrap dealers of the Junk team come to your house get your vehicle and pay you instantly. You have directly paid by the buyer when you agree to our quote.

We spread across all the UK, having more than 1 million active users. To deal with the millions of our satisfied customer we build a strong support system to facilitate our end users. You can contact us anytime and we respond instantly to your query. All of the professional scrap dealers come to your place free of cost and collect your vehicle at your doorstep. Get on-the-spot money directly within your bank account as your agreement is done.  

GET Instant Quote Now!

Compare the offer to scrap your car instantly from us. Get the quote now!

How Car Scrapping Process Works?

In order to scrap your vehicle you should have a valid MOT. Check at Check MOT History before go thought the process. The process of car scraping easy to follow and simple. The process depends on some of the aspects of the car being scrapped. It includes the price of scrap steel at the time of scraping and current status of the car. This is the process that combines productivity and conservation.

Our process of scrapping is very simple. We make this straight forward for our customers to deal with us in convenient manners. To make this process more simple we divide this process into two simple steps:

STEP 1: Finding the Best Customer

Many scrapping companies charge a bit of money for the collection of your car from your home. Even, some scrapyards have hidden charges to collect the vehicle from the seller house. But Scrap My Car emphasise on our buyer’s honesty. In all situation, our buyers work honestly and properly according to our terms and conditions.Our vision is to provide the best scrapping facility to you.

STEP 2: Collection and Payments

Once you agreed with an online quote and accepted it. Our experienced crew of buyers will contact you and discuss all the details with you. If you have any confusion about the process, you can discuss this with our support team. They provide you with complete guidance regarding your concern. After this, our buyers will be in touch to arrange the best and suitable time for collection of your car.

Do we collect scrap cars near you?

If you own an old sick car on which you spending a lot of money, and you worry about what to do that. You can feel free to contact us we have a well-knitted Junk team that covers the whole UK. You only need to contact us, our professional crews of Junk team reach to you and collect your car from your home.

Our Junk team make an easy process of scrapping for you. Dedicated a proper team of professionals named Junk team to collect the car from you. The best thing about our Junk team is its provide free of cost service to our clients. We spread all across the UK, so there are no worries of location for our customers. We are always available for you anywhere at any time to collect your scrap car.

The option of selling your Junk vehicle near your scarp yard is also not satisfactory. This happened because of the scrap yard’s people mostly know about all the near located people and their vehicle condition as well. This affect prices in most cases. Everyone needs a competitive price to their much-loved things just like your refuse car. That’s why our Scrap My Car is the best option to get a competitive quote absolutely free of charge.

GET Instant Quote Now!

Compare the offer to scrap your car instantly from us. Get the quote now!

Our Happy Clients!

The time was very accurate and convenient that I deal within ten hours. Thank you support team for guiding me well and providing me with the best scrap car service. Great communication system .Thank you so much!


Martin Smith


I really wanted a suitable service that could provide a competitive quote for my old car.I hired Scrap My Car after a long talk with the support team. I found this service very sincere with the work & get the desired money. Great Service!!


Shelly Barns


Junk team staff was very experienced and professional. I didn’t find an issue from order to dealing. Prices were what I expected. Quick and active system. Highly, recommended for everyone who needs high-quality work. 


Alice Luke


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