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Collection Questions

Our competitive car collection team will collect your vehicle from your notified location all across the UK, once you agreed with the quote.

Yes, we are providing the FREE CAR COLLECTION facility all across the UK.

Unfortunately, we DO NOT offer our services for motorcycles. Although, we have a full fledged vehicle scrapping process. 

 It would be very unethical. We don’t recommend this practice. Also, this is against our scrapping policy to scrap a car in such a condition.

 No, we just collect cars for scraping and its related parts.Get instant quote now under 60 sec.

As soon as our deal is finalized and you provide us the details and location of your car, we would collect your car from the site according to your desire collection date.

Yes, It’s our absolutely FREE OF COST service for our valuable customers across the United Kingdom. You can book your car collection appointment through our website or by contacting our customer care service which is also available round the clock, for you.

There is no specific collection day for the vehicle. We are accessible round the clock, whenever you want to avail of our services.

No, our car collection team is available 24/7 so that you may avail of this FREE of charge facility at any time. You can book your car collection appointment through our website or by contacting our customer care service which is also available round the clock, for you.

Yes, not a problem. We can pick up your vehicle from any locality, provided by you, across the UK. You just have to provide us with the exact location of your vehicle, model, registration number, and any other specification (if necessary).

Yes, our free collection service is applicable for all vehicles except a motorcycle.

In this case, you can avail of our customer support service which is available to you 24/7. Our well trained and professional customer care staff will help you out in knowing your car condition in a perfect way.

Your presence is not mandatory. However, you must provide the required documents during the finalization of car scraping dealing so that your case may proceed further smoothly.

Yes, we are flexible with the timings. You can contact us at any time, provide us with your registration, postcode, and previous collection schedule so that we may reschedule your vehicle collection.

We can collect your vehicle from your home or any other site across the UK which you will provide us as a location of your vehicle at any time. There are NO CONCEALED EXPENSES for the collection service.

Yes, we can collect your car from anywhere in the UK. You just need to provide the location of your vehicle and leave rest on us.

Payments Questions

Yes, our price quotes are unbeatable and guaranteed. You can compare our price quotes with other companies as well.

Yes, we make payments in cash ONLY if it is suitable for both the seller and dealer.

No, it costs nothing. You can avail of this facility FREE OF COST by just clicking on our online tool and you will get the best possible price quote in less than a minute.

We accept all types of payment methods such as bank transfers, cheques, online payment methods, it depends on both parties dealer and sealer.

Car collection service is absolutely FREE. There are NO CONCEALED EXPENSES for this service.

No, you will get the same amount of money which will be finalized during the deal because our car collection service is already free of charge.

Yes, we provide market competitive quotes all across the UK. Wherever you are located in the United Kingdom, you just need to enter exact information regarding your vehicle in our online tool in order to get the best price quote and we mean it. Furthermore, you can compare it with other companies.

Yes, It is possible BUT depends upon the condition and mileage covered by the vehicle. If you want to assess the condition of your vehicle you can contact one of our advisors and provide them with your vehicle specifications so that he/she may guide you properly.

Documents Questions

It is not needed. You just remain hassle-free and leave paper procedures on us. We will inform DVLA as soon as our deal has been finalized with you to ensure that the status of the car has been changed.

Yes, definitely we will provide you a receipt after selling that will be the proof of our trading. You must keep it in a safe place so that you may present it if needed.

Certificate of Destruction is a legal document issued to an ATF (Authorized Treatment Facility) to recycle or scrap the vehicle under the act ‘End-of-Life Vehicles Regulations 2003’. The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) issued this certificate only officially licensed and approved facilities.

The following documents are required to scrap your car:

  • Vehicle registration document (V5C) or Logbook.
  • V5C/3 or YELLOW SLIP
  • Personal Identification

It is served as a source of evidence that the vehicle has been destroyed and recycled. WITHIN 7 DAYS, the DVLA issues this certificate to ATF when they inform DVLA electronically that vehicle has been recycled.

According to UK law, it is not obligatory to have the V5C document or a logbook for car scrapping. In case if you do not encompass V5C, you must connect to DVLA with a fee of £25. But when you are going to scrap your, you must notify the DVLA in writing that you have sold the vehicle to the scrapping company as scrap.

Vehicle Questions

A Waste Carrier License is a document, issued by an Environmental Agency in an effort to reduce the environmental pollution and harm caused by the waste of vehicles. It is pertinent to those people and businesses, who deal in carrying, dispose of, buy or sell waste or arrange for others to do so, on their behalf.

Yes, it is still possible to sell your car if you have a Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) as evidence that the vehicle belongs to you.

Yes, it will be good if your car is free from rubbish before scraping. This can be positive impact for valuation.

Yes, Scrap My Car is highly professional in buying plush vehicles for scraping and recycling despite the make, model, and condition of your vehicle.

If you don’t have a V5C certificate then instead of using V5C/3 or yellow slip, you should notify DVLA in writing that you no longer own the vehicle. Furthermore, you should mention the name and address of SCRAP MY CAR along with the model and make of your car. Please make sure that you also mention the date of your car sale.

Yes, it is. We are dealing in cars of any condition. You just need to click on ONLINE tool and get the best possible price quote within a minute.

Yes, we deal in both commercial and domestic vehicle scraping. For more details please visit our website or contact us anytime. We are here to help you all the time.

 Yes, if you have the ownership of that car only then you can scrap that vehicle. For this purpose, you just need to visit our website and click the “Get Estimate” button to get the best possible price quote for your vehicle.

 It is not compulsory for car scrapping. If your car does not have an insurance policy, still you are good to go with the car scrapping.

Yes, and the good news is that you can get the best quote from our website in this regard as well in a standard way. Just you need to provide information that your car is an insurance write-off during our valuation process.

We will give you the best possible price quote on the basis of your providing information regarding your vehicle. For getting a precise price quote, you need to provide your accurate vehicle information so that you may remain at ease at the time of the deal.

You can empty your vehicle’s fuel tank by transferring the fuel in another empty vessel and can take it in your possession.

Yes, you can remove and retain your personalized number plate. We have nothing to do with the number plate.

Yes, it’s beneficial for both seller and the dealer to have a vehicle service history. It provides us the record of your vehicle maintenance and makes it easier for both dealer and seller to assess the condition of your vehicle.

No worries, you can get another quote from our website. OR just get connected with one of our customer care service representatives and discuss that missed information with him/her. He/she will update your vehicle information in our database and provide you with an updated best price quote.

Other Questions

Yes, it is. As soon as you finalize the quote along with the required documents, we will collect your car FREE OF COST and initiate the further process.

Yes, as soon as your car arrives at our center, we contact DLVA and notify them regarding the arrival of your car. After that, they issue us a demolition notice, printed directly from the DVLA computer system and then we proceed further.

No, it is not possible to sell a car having financed because the lender is still the owner of the car and can repossess the car if the payments have not been settled, according to UK law.

We are dealing across the UK. You just tell us your postcode we will provide you the details of our operating center which is nearest to your location so that you may scrap your car easily without any hassle.

You can easily assess it by using our free car scrap valuation tool and you can get your best quote price within 60 sec.

 Visit our website and click on “Contact us” or emails us, tell us the location of your car, and you are done. After that, we will take care of further proceedings and inform you in a timely manner.

Yes, it is safe and trustworthy. Your information security is one of our top priorities that’s why we assure you that any information of your vehicle that is shared with SCRAP MY CAR online is 100% protected and reliable.

You can scrap your car when you want to replace it with the new one if it’s too old to drive or has completed its mileage, if it’s accidentally damaged, worn out, out of order, or if you want to earn money in replacement of your car.

Scrap My Car is the best option for you because we are offering you the best and unbeatable price quote for your car scrap and car detailing services. Our team of highly skilled professionals is available round the clock at your service to provide you gilt-edged services all the time. Additionally, we are providing you FREE CAR COLLECTION facility at any time and from anywhere so that you may remain at ease, relax, and satisfied.

Other Questions

ATF is an abbreviation of Authorized Treatment Facilities that are surveilled by the Environment Agency (EA) in order to make certain that they are certified and act in accordance with the rules and regulations relating to waste motor vehicles.

ELV is END OF LIFE VEHICLE which means that vehicle has completed its useful life. However, ELV is of two types (i) Natural ELV (ii) Premature ELV.
When a vehicle exceeds its natural age and begins to wear and tear naturally. Natural ELV starts usually after a 10 years time period.

For certian reasons includes; fatal accidents, fire, flooding, accidental damage happens to vehicles that leads a car to Premature ELV because these kinds of vehicles completed their useful natural age.

No, stock photos can not provide a realistic assessment of vehicle condition. It is requested that you should use genuine photos of your vehicle for proper assessment and the best price quotes.

Yes, it is. As soon as you finalize the quote along with the required documents, we will collect your car FREE OF COST and initiate the further process.

The scrap vehicle is the vehicle that has completed its useful life and has come to an end of life. The parts of such a vehicle can not be used again for other purposes. Furthermore, these vehicles are usually more than a decade old. On the other hand, a salvage vehicle still has some financial or practical value for sellers and buyers. They can be less than 10 years old and can be returned to their useful life after some detailing or in case of non-runners; their parts still have value to be reused again for other useful purposes.

No, our contributions go to charity organizations directly. We do not accept any contributions on the behalf of any organization. I f you want to donate, please donate directly to charity organizations.

 In that case, you can call us and one of our staff members reaches you shortly to assess the condition of your vehicle.

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act is an ordinance that has been exercised since 2013 with an aim of liability of the metal trade industry in order to prohibit scoundrel traders from selling stolen materials by outlawing all cash payments for scrap metal.

It totally depends on your car’s condition and the mileage it covered. In order to a proper assessment, just call to Scrap My Car customer support seget rvice and provide essential information about your vehicle to them. Our highly competent staff will guide you smoothly and thoroughly on a call about your concern.

 It’s just a click away. For this purpose, you just need to click on a “Get Estimate” button and get the best possible quote from the Scrap My Car website. Present essential documents and once the deal is fixed with you, all things will be done and dusted.

When the car is too old or worn out and unfit for a drive then you can sell it to the scrap yard or the person who can make use of its metal parts. This is called scraping. When your car is irretrievable or cost you a lot in case of its service then definitely car scrapping worth it and you can earn handsome bucks from its scrap.

You can email us the photos anytime at please make sure that pictures should in high resolution so that the state of your vehicle may be assessed conveniently.

Yes, you can scrap more than 1 vehicle at the same time. BUT make sure that you must have all the required documents of all the vehicles which you are going to scrap.

In that case, unfortunately scraping deal may not be finalized because presenting mandatory documents is compulsory.

No problem, you can get a price quote again or talk to one of our customer care service staff member in this regard. We assure you that we can help you until you are satisfied.

Unfortunately, no you can not scrap your car in that case until you get the sole ownership of your vehicle.

Subject to inspection means that if our buyer buys a vehicle which was depicted as a running vehicle with some minor shatter or dents in a quote and they come to know that the vehicle is not in running condition along with noteworthy damage to the framework, they reserve the right to amend their offered price or even demolish the offer.

 Its very simple. You just need to enter registration number and postal code on our website, after entering the required details, and you will get your competitive quote in less than a minute.

We need your contact details so that we may contact you if further information on your vehicle is needed or provide you with information regarding your quote.

As we are dealing across the UK so we need your postcode so that we may identify the buyers near your area and provide you the best possible quote as compared to your surrounding scraping market.

 A ‘Complete Vehicle’ means that vehicle whose genuine parts are remained intact in its body or frame. It does not include the replacement of any part of the vehicle.

Scrap My Car is offering you premium quality services as we have been serving in the car scraping field for many years and making our services quicker, simpler, and reliable with each passing year.

It depends on the state of your vehicle. Our experts first analyze your vehicle and then decide what to do with that.

Yes, if your car has not any significant damage and still has its useful life then it can be repaired and roadworthy after some labor.

If you are in the quest of general information then you can find it on the SCRAP MY CAR press page but if you need any specific information then you can contact our marketing team by sending them an email on

If you want to provide feedback about our services then you email us on

This decision can easily be taken on the basis of your car’s condition if it has completed its life and worn out or its parts had been changed in the past, then it’s better to scrap it.

Yes, not a problem, you can still get a FREE no duty car valuation with Scrap My Car. Firstly know the worth of your car and for this purpose, we need your vehicle registration and postcode. After getting a quote, you may need to answer a few questions regarding the condition of your car and if you would provide us accurate information; you will get an exact price.

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